Manufacturing Methods of Diamond Blades

Diamond saw blade is a cutting tool, widely used for stone, ceramic and other hard and brittle materials processing. It can be classified by different methods.

Sintered diamond saw blade: Segment is attached to the metal core by sintering process. Sintered diamond saw blade is formed by cold press machines. According diameter of blade, the blade is formed under pressure up to 250 tons. Although metal powder has become a segment shape, it is still powder, which is easily broken. Put in a sintering machine and heated up to 800℃, it turned into a solid blade that can cut different materials.

Welding diamond saw blade: Also called brazing diamond saw blade. Segments are formed separately by pressing to form shape and then sintering. After segmenting are treated and they are attached to the metal core by welding.

Electroplating diamond saw blade: diamond crystals are attached to the metal core by electric current and galvanic bond. There is usually a single layer of diamond. The electroplating process is like growing diamond crystals on metal core.