How To Select Diamond Blades Like An Expert? (Part 1)

What would an expert consider when selecting diamond blades? There are too many brands in the market now. It is difficult to tell whether a diamond blade is best one or not. The cutting environment varies and demand is different. To make a comparison of diamond blades between different brands, you have to first know some basic concepts.

Sawtec Triangle Theory helps you to select your diamond blades

Sawtec triangle theory is to help you understand diamond tools performance from different aspects. It also helps you to figure out your needs. And thus you will be clear when selecting diamond tools.

Sawtec Triangle Theory about diamond tools

Sawtec’s triangle contains cutting speed, cutting lifetime, edging effect. These are the three basic points to evaluate a diamond blade. It can also apply to all diamond tools.

Cutting speed

Cutting speed is the feeding speed of your power tools. With a fast cutting diamond blade, you would save lots of time. It is also mentioned as cutting power sometimes.

Cutting lifetime

Cutting lifetime is the service time of a diamond blade. There are many ways to calculate the cutting lifetime of a diamond blade, like by meters, square meters, cutting hours. This is a matter of habit. However, cutting meters is the best way when you checking data.

Edging Effect

Edging effect is the smoothness of the cutting edge. A smooth edging will save you a grinding process to grind out the chippings. Also, it helps to improve the quality of your products or work.

A best blade?

It looks all three aspects are equally important when choosing a diamond blade. An idle diamond saw blade is a chipping free blade, and it should also cut fast and come with long service time. Well, let’s have a look at such a blade.

A balanced blade is not a best blade.

Is this the best for you? Actually, it is not. This is an average blade. Of course, it will work without problem. But you can get more from a best blade.

What do you need most?

Ask yourself again. If you can scarify one aspect a little bit for another, what is your option? Do you want faster cutting speed or longer cutting lifetime? Is edging effect vital to you?


When cutting asphalt, edging effect may not be that important; In some countries, labour cost is low. Then you would want more cutting lifetime than cutting speed; if you are cutting with a fully automatic machine, cutting speed is a favourite option. So what is your priority?


So now you understand what an expert would consider when selecting diamond blades. Think about it before checking blades from different manufacturers. Or you can contact us and talk about your requirement.