Turbo or continuous rim diamond blade for dry cutting porcelain tiles?

A view of turbo / continuous rim diamond blade

Sawtec 4.5 inch turbo blade for cutting tiles
Sawtec 4.5 inch continuous blade for cutting tiles

Something you must know

    • A turbo blade is born to cut under dry condition. The gaps between turbo segments help to cool down the blade while cutting. There is no need of water to cool down the blade.
    • A continuous blade is usually a wet blade – to be used with water as a coolant. Without water, you must cut carefully as the blade may burn easily.

How to choose

  • If you are looking simply a blade to dry cut porcelain tiles, you’d better turn to a turbo blade. Unless specially clarified, all Sawtec continuous rim diamond blades are designed to use with water. Of course, there are continuous rim diamond blades from other manufacturers that are can cut without water. But you have to consult with the vendor for confirmation. It is much easier to find a dry cut turbo blade for porcelain tiles.
  • Since porcelain tile is a very hard material, it chips easily. If you want to get a most smooth edging, a continuous rim diamond blade is a good choice. And don’t forget to use with sufficient water.

Some tips

  • A turbo blade may bring more chips than a continuous blade(with the same bond system).
  • Even with a turbo blade, we recommend to use it with water. In this way, the blade cuts faster and lasts longer. And water will help to eliminate chippings.

What is the difference between the above two Sawtec blades?

  • Sawtec 4.5 inch turbo blade is good to cut granites, marble, porcelain tiles, soft ceramic tiles, with or without water.
  • Sawtec 4.5 inch continuous blade is good to cut granites, marble, porcelain tiles, soft ceramic tiles and glass with water.
  • The Sawtec turbo blade will cut faster than the Sawtec continuous blade.