Sawtec Won 2018 Excellent Suppliers of GANI Marble Tiles

On the 30th of March, 2019, the annual supplier meeting of GANI Marble Tiles Company ( was held in Foshan Manfulou Hotel. Sawtec Company was once again awarded as 2018 Excellent Supplier. This is the second time we won this prize.

About GANI Marble Tile

GANI Marble Company, established in 2002, is one of the leading tile manufacturers in China. It is considered as the creator of marble tiles, which brought a technological evolution to tiles. Marble tiles bring a perfect combination of the unique beauty of marble and high performances of porcelain tiles. GANI is now selling to over 71 countries.

GANI production and R&D base is over 430,000 t square meter. With over 1000 employees, there are 5 professional production lines, producing over 10 million square meter marble tiles every year.

GANI marble tiles
GANI marble tiles

About marble tiles

Marble tile was introduced to the market in 2009. It is a kind of tile that exactly looks like natural marble. GANI marble tiles can apply as wall tiles and also floor tiles, in interior and exterior. The company has developed hundreds of Marble Tiles with various patterns, veins, sizes and texture which can be transformed into many artistic works. GANI marble tiles are used in projects like hotels, shopping malls, airports, deluxe apartments. Now more than 1 million families choose GANI MARBLE TILES.

During the development of marble tile, there are troublesome cutting problems. GANI MARBLE TILES water absorption rate is less than 0.1% and the Mohs’ hardness scale is up to 5. It even became a headache of GANI as if marble tile is unable to cut perfectly, it is merely impossible to foresee a large sale volume. Marble tile is a brand new kind of tile and no one has any experience.

There are countless tile cutting blades manufacturers that tried to solve GANI’s problem. It was not an easy job. As a manufacturer, GANI focus on all aspects of cutting performance, Cutting speed, cutting edge smoothness and cutting lifetime (see our article of Sawtec Triangle Theory of diamond tools performance). Besides, cost-effectiveness is equally important. Sawtec Company was not the first one to cooperate with GANI. Yet with our great R&D strength of diamond cutting blade, we successfully provided the best products among all competitors.

ZERO-JOINT Paving Technology

ZERO-JOINT paving is another thing that makes GANI company unique. It is true that tiles should be seamed to avoid bulging and cracks as there is thermal expansion and contraction. GANI developed the standard of seamless paving process, which is of much greater beauty.


ZERO-JOINT paving is a great challenge as it requires completely perfect cutting edges. Any small chipping will destroy beauty. Sawtec has managed to use a combination of pre-cut blade and fine-cut blade to achieve zero chippings.

2018 Excellent Suppliers

Sawtec Company and GANI Marble Company have been partners ever since 2012. And the relationship has never been stopped. GANI has been developing different kinds of marble tiles. With great R&D capability, Sawtec Company keeps providing GANI with all customized diamond tools solution. Sawtec was not the first one to solve GANI’s problem. And yet there are still many Sawtec’ competitors want a share of this business. In 2018, Sawtec won 2017 excellent supplier and this year again we won 2018 excellent supplier. It is not only our products that help us win this prize but more importantly, it is our satisfying service. Once GANI has something new developed, Sawtec is following up immediately.

2018 Excellent Suppliers of GANI Marble Company
2018 Excellent Suppliers of GANI Marble Company

Sawtec mission

It is Sawtec’s mission to provide optimal diamond tools for different application all over the world. And we always keep that in mind. If you have any need of diamond tools, just don’t hesitate to contact us to check what we have for you.